The 2019 winner of the Stewart Cruikshank Bursary is 23 year old songwriter, Jared Celosse. Jared grew up in Prague and moved to Glasgow in 2014 to study music and philosophy. Since then he has began to make musical steps. Carla J. Easton (Teen Canteen, Ette) recognised his talent and directed him towards the Glasgow label Olive Grove Records, who in 2017 released an EP of four songs Jared had recorded in his bedroom studio when he was still a teenager.

Jared submitted the song ‘New Orleans (Esca)’, which enraptured us all with its drama and daring. It’s a blaze of ideas, unexpected and original. Sounding both modern and classic, it takes you in directions you don’t expect. Lyrically it’s an offbeat romance, leading the listener across an exotic city, lulled by a siren’s call.

Many congratulations to Jared, and to all the songwriters who submitted entries. Scotland is clearly awash with superb songsmiths. Jared is currently working on a development plan with industry professionals: updates will be published here shortly.

Stewart Cruickshank was a huge force for good in Scottish music. Producing radio programmes for the BBC, he nurtured an enormous amount of talent, impacting the lives of countless musicians and listeners.

His unsparing encouragement was legendary. He built connections, gave people the impetus to create, selflessly shared and promoted artists’ work, and in so doing helped create Scottish music as we know it.

To honour his legacy there is to be a new award made to an emerging songwriter.


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Jared Celosse will release material from his Chem 19 recording session in the coming weeks and months. His recent live session for Vic Galloway on BBC Radio Scotland can be found on the iPlayer