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  • In harmony at last

    10 Jan 2006 - FERGUS MUIRHEAD - Herald [ news ]

    The great Highland bagpipe, to give our national instrument its full name, has enjoyed a real surge in popularity in recent years, and that should be set to continue in 2006.

  • Uncle John and Whitelock

    9 Jan 2006 - Scotsman [ review ]

    "THE Absurd Uncle John and Whitelock in Black and White" was how they once titled one of their art-blues happenings, the one in question being conducted at the ICA in London.

  • Ready to raise the roof and bring light to Candleriggs

    9 Jan 2006 - Ken Walton - Scotsman [ feature ]

    THE OPENING this week of Glasgow's refurbished City Halls signals a landmark change in the pattern of concert promotion in Glasgow.

  • Sharleen Spiteri: Don't mess with Texas

    8 Jan 2006 - Independent [ review ]

    You can take Sharleen Spiteri out of Glasgow (not for very long, mind) but you can't take the gobby pre-pubescent card-sharking tree-climbing cussing-and-blinding tomboy scallywag out of Glaswegian Sharleen.


    6 Jan 2006 - KENNY MATHIESON - Scotsman [ review ]

    THIS leading band has three of the best voices in Gaelic song in Arthur Cormack, Maggie MacDonald and Mary Ann Kennedy, and their close-harmony singing is under-pinned by crisp instrumental arrangements.


    6 Jan 2006 - KENNY MATHIESON - Scotsman [ review ]

    THIS band have made a powerful impact as one of the most adventurous bands on the Scottish jazz scene.

  • National Youth Orchestra of Scotland

    6 Jan 2006 - Ken Walton - Scotsman [ review ]

    IT MAY have taken two walking sticks to help Vernon Handley on to the platform, but this stalwart conductor still has the alertness of a man half his age, which he ably exercised in an absorbing programme with the National Youth Orchestra of Scotland on Wednesday.

  • In the frame to score some pop stardom by December

    6 Jan 2006 - Andrew Eaton - Scotsman [ feature ]

    THE way pop music is written about at this time of year, you could be forgiven for thinking that all bands begin their musical careers in January, and that if they don't make their mark within 12 months then they are disposed of, Logan's Run-style, and replaced by a younger, skinnier model.

  • Through time and space

    4 Jan 2006 - MICHAEL TUMELTY - Herald [ feature ]

    When Glasgow's City Hall throws open its doors next week, it will be immediately apparent that the 14m development programme which has been taking place in the hall is not so much a refurbishment, nor even a restoration, but more a transformation of the 1847 Candleriggs building.

  • RSNO, Messiah, Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow

    3 Jan 2006 - MICHAEL TUMELTY - Herald [ review ]

    Nicholas McGegan is a one-off.

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