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  • Going for a song - the 78s capturing opera's golden age

    6 Nov 2005 - John Windsor - Observer [ feature ]

    There was a crackle and a hiss and collector Bill Breslin's recording of the high-pitched voice of Alessandro Moreschi - the only recorded castrato - filled the room.

  • Love is a stranger

    6 Nov 2005 - Scotsman [ feature ]

    THE fear starts as soon as she is told she has to go on stage.

  • Texas

    5 Nov 2005 - Bernadette McNulty - Daily Telegraph [ review ]

    Chris Evans was the king of Radio 1 back in 1997 when he gave Texas their leg-up into the big time by championing the blue-eyed soul of Say What You Want.

  • John Martyn, Bless the Weather

    4 Nov 2005 - Dorian Lynskey - Guardian [ review ]

    Here's an album to mark the clocks going back if ever there was one.

  • Peers lead funding campaign for RSNO

    1 Nov 2005 - PHIL MILLER, Arts Correspondent - Herald [ news ]

    SCOTLAND'S leading orchestra has recruited "blue chip" Scots to lead a new fundraising drive.

  • Birth of musical miracle from a lowly Aberdeenshire cattleshed

    31 Oct 2005 - KENNETH WALTON - Scotsman [ feature ]

    DRIVE eastward out of Banchory on the main Aberdeen road and it's easy to miss Woodend Barn.

  • Beamish premiere

    31 Oct 2005 - Andrew Clements - Guardian [ review ]

    Just what does the Royal Scottish National Orchestra have to do to attract a decent audience for its concerts in Glasgow? Three weeks ago, the Royal Concert Hall was barely a third full for a performance of Debussy's Pelléas et Mélisande, with a cast that any opera house in the world would have envied.

  • Knock the casbah

    30 Oct 2005 - George Hall - Guardian [ review ]

    Glyndebourne on Tour's new opera - composed by John Lunn in collaboration with librettist Stephen Plaice - is supposedly aimed at people in their twenties.

  • El Presidente, Kings College, London

    30 Oct 2005 - Simon Price - Independent [ review ]

    You are, I dare say, familiar with the concept of the "earworm": a melody so lethally memorable that it wriggles in through your ear and devours your brain, refusing to leave you alone, depriving you of sleep, forcing you to whistle it even when you really don't want to be whistling.

  • In search of 21st century bards

    29 Oct 2005 - SUSAN MANSFIELD - Scotsman [ news ]

    RABBIE BURNS HIMSELF HAD A THING OR two to say about the art of songwriting.

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