Singing Roadshow #1 is a creative, participative and interactive toolbox experimentation of collective vocal practices with internationally renowned resource persons: Jeanne Dambreville, Evelyne Girardon, Maud Hamon-Loisance, Tobias Hug, Peder Karlsson, Merel Martens, Claudia Phillips, Wolfgang Saus, Emmanuelle Trinquesse


The first Singing Roadshow session

It will take place in Issy-les-Moulineaux (near Paris – France) from 23 to 25 October 2017. This first experimental session is crossing over and joining:
– repertoires of Pop A Cappella, classical and world music,
– youths (especially students) and adults,
– individual and collective vocal groups and practices,
– pedagogical methods and techniques (vocal technique, body expression, stage performance …).


The Singing Roadshow Academy is organized in 3 sequences:

  • Two days of practical workshops: free improvisation, exploring the singer’s ecosystem, “Intelligent choir”, oral transmission, body posture, movement and staging, vocal technique, Beatbox, overtone singing, …
  • One morning dedicated to creating “Musical Minutes”,
  • A debriefing workshop to collect feedback, to imagine further cooperation, to share ideas and projects.


Singing Roadshow 1 # is created by the Interregional Platform – France, in close partnership with it’s members of the “Voice Group”, in cooperation with the AFPC-EVTA France and the European Voice Teachers Association (EVTA).

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