Help Musicians UK are teaming up with MOBO Trust for the second round of the MOBO Help Musicians Fund. The fund has been created in partnership to support the career ambitions of exceptionally talented artists and groups with grants of up to £2,000. Further funding of up to £3,000 is available for larger groups of musicians.

From vocal coaching to touring, the MOBO Help Musicians Fund can be used to support opportunities which will have a significant impact on your creativity and career.


Who can apply?

You can be a solo artist, producer, songwriter or group working within any genre but we would like to encourage applications from the following genres; R&B, Afrobeat, Soul, Hip Hop, Grime, Jazz, Gospel, Garage, Reggae and African music.

To be eligible for the MOBO Help Musicians Fund you must be:

  • Aged 18 or over
  • Based primarily in the UK and eligible to work here
  • A resident in the UK for at least the last 3 consecutive years
  • In financial need and without significant backing from labels, music publishing companies or management
  • A track record of regularly performing, writing and releasing music for at least 12 months

Group applications

If your group would like to apply:

  • At least half of the group members must meet the criteria as above
  • You must also have been established and playing together regularly for at least 12 months
  • Organisations are not eligible for funding
  • Groups of up to 4 members can apply for up to £2,000
  • Groups of 5 or more people or those wanting to work with a larger ensemble can apply for up to £3,000

Am I at the right stage?

We want to invest in artists who are performing or creating great music and show potential to build a long-term professional career. To apply you must already have been making music and performing for a minimum of 12 months. We want to support those who can demonstrate:

  • Exceptional ability
  • High quality musical output
  • An entrepreneurial spirit and dedication towards their career
  • An impressive track record so far
  • Regularly performing, writing and releasing music
  • Achievement or the potential to achieve a national or international impact

How much funding is available?

An individual or group of up to 4 members can apply for up to £2,000. Groups of 5 people or more (Gospel choirs and jazz groups for example) can apply for up to £3,000.

What can I use the funding for?

Funding should be used for opportunities which will further your career and development. Eligible activities include:

  • Development of your ability to make and record music through training or mentoring

for example undertaking vocal coaching sessions or learning software

  • Development of your live act, including rehearsal costs or musician’s fees
  • Accessing recording studio facilities
  • Development of industry knowledge

for example though networking events, masterclasses or other short courses

  • Costs associated with touring
  • Promotional materials and activity (including music videos) limited to 50% of budget

Please note both equipment and PR (including music videos) should only make up to 50% of your overall budget. Please call us to discuss your budget if you are unclear on this.

Click here to see who we funded last year.

What can’t I use the funding for?

  • Help with general living costs or to pay for your own time
  • Pay for anything that has happened before we approve the funding
  • Pay for formal courses of study, training or research (this includes undergraduate study, postgraduate study, year-long courses, costs associated with PhD study).

What to include in your application

The online application form will ask questions about:

  • You, your music and your achievements to date
  • Details about your project and what you would spend the money on. You should try to explain as clearly as possible what difference the funding will make.
  • How the activity will benefit your creative development and future career

Within your application we want to see examples and evidence of

  • Significant performances
  • Most recent releases
  • Recent reviews
  • Evidence of your growing fanbase
  • Notable collaborations
  • Qualifications, prizes or awards

You will also need to submit examples of the best and most recent music that you are making.

Your reference

To support your application, you must also have a reference from a successful musician or music professional not connected with your application. This referee should know about you and your work. Ask them to fill out the online reference form by the deadline.

How it works

  1. Read through the guidelines
  2. Make sure you are and what you are applying for is eligible
  3. If you have any questions get in touch with the team
  4. Complete the online application form by Monday 8 October at 9am
  5. Ask a referee to fill out the online reference form by Monday 8 October at 9am
  6. The applications are shortlisted
  7. A panel of experts selected by MOBO and HMUK will judge the shortlist
  8. The selected artists will be contacted and sent further details of funding


The final deadline is Monday 8 October 2018 at 9am. Your application, supporting evidence and reference must all be submitted by this date.

For further details, including information on how to apply, please visit the Help Musicians UK website.