The 1745 Association is a voluntary non-political association established in 1946 to study the Jacobite period, record and preserve the memory of those who participated in it, and endeavour to safeguard the Jacobite heritage.  Further details of the Association can be found on our website, or Facebook page,


The 1745 Association is seeking someone to serve on their Panel of Experts as an adviser on music and song during the Jacobite era between 1688 and 1747.


The purpose of the Panel is to offer expertise and knowledge in particular fields, to whom the Association’s  Webmaster and other members of our Council could refer any questions put to them on their specialist area.  The Panel will comprise experts on Jacobite glass, militaria, music, portraits, books/manuscript/letters, coins and medals and silverware and jewellery.


Membership of the Panel would represent an excellent opportunity for a creative, self-starting individual to make a major contribution to the appreciation, awareness and knowledge of music and song (both Jacobite and Hanoverian!) during the Jacobite era.  In doing so, a Panel Member will have the opportunity to build an international reputation as an acknowledged authority in their field of interest during a cathartic period in Scottish and British history, with a legacy that remains with us to this day.  He or she will also have the opportunity to meet other members of the Association and the Panel, many of whom are acknowledged as among the leading living authorities in their fields of interest, such as Dr Christopher Duffy (author of The ‘45) on military matters, and Messrs Peter Lole, Hon Vice Chairman, and Geoffrey Seddon (author of the Jacobites and Their Drinking Glasses) on Jacobite glass.


Those who are interested in serving on the Panel should send brief details of their interest in the music of the Jacobite era, a summary of any relevant studies or experience to date, and what they would hope to bring to the role to Michael Nevin MA (Oxon), at