We are looking for 3 singers and 3 composers from any discipline to explore with us the complex relationship between words and music. Both initially performers, and now composer and playwright respectively, we are keen to share our ongoing dialogue about the art of songwriting. We ask you to bring:
·         A classical song you love;
·         A song from another genre you love;
·         A poem, or text, you love, and would like to see turned into a song or a short dramatic scene.
We will be looking at the structures, sense and tone of these texts, and will use a variety of tools and techniques to free up the creativity of both composers and singers.  As we begin to generate our own material, we will address a wide range of questions relating to performance and composition. Expect lively physical work as well as discussion!
Starting points:
·         Is there a ‘right’ way of setting words to music?
·         How do we approach a text?
·         How should rhythm in text correspond to rhythm in music?
·         What can we learn from the many different genres of song?
·         How do we best communicate with an audience?
..and no doubt a myriad of questions and observations which you will bring to the forum.

For more information, please visit  http://www.artsoffstage.org

To apply, please click here.