Duo Kottos is dedicated to commissioning, composing, recording and performing music by living composers of all ages from all corners of the world.

The theme this year is Colour. Although it is not a requirement, preference will be given to works containing this theme. Composers will keep the performing rights.

The application deadline is on 8 December 2019. Successful candidates will be notified on 6 January 2020.


The scores for the composed works should:

  • Be for guitar and cello duo only.
  • Be between 5 and 10 minutes in length.
  • Participants will be required to pay an entry fee of £15 (about $19)  by clicking “add to cart” at the bottom of the online application page.
  • It is possible to apply with multiple pieces although the application fee must be paid for every entry submitted.

The full score and parts of your composition and, if possible, a MIDI recording should be emailed in PDF format to duokottos@gmail.com.

Upon submission of both payment and composition entry, you will receive a confirmation email stating that you have been entered.


First prize

  • The composer will receive £500.
  • Their work will be premiered at a London venue in 2020 and will be studio recorded.
  • Their work will be included in the Duo Kottos repertoire for the 2020 season.

Second prize

Three runners-up will:

  • Have their piece premiered at a London venue in 2020 and will be studio recorded.
  • Have their compositions added to the Duo Kottos repertoire for possible future performances.

Contact Duo Kottos here.

For further information, please click here.