Training and Continuing Professional Development Fund


The CPD and Training Fund is funded by the Scottish Government’s Youth Music Initiative through Creative Scotland.

What is the Purpose of the Fund?
To support individuals, organisations and networks who work outwith school settings to undertake training and continuing professional development that will strengthen youth music in Scotland for the benefit of young people. We understand that many music freelancers and organisations may be working with young people both in and out of school settings and so will be eligible to apply.

Intended Outcomes

  • People delivering youth music develop their skills and confidence
  • The youth music sector develops, strengthens and becomes more sustainable
  • Supporting services to be high quality, continually improving, efficient, and to provide innovative responses to people’s needs

We welcome applications proposing any training and CPD that will deliver the above outcomes. Types of activities you might want to consider are:

  • Professional development, such as attending short-term or one-off training courses, conferences, master-classes, mentoring and any other relevant experiences which develop skills and confidence and lead to improved professional delivery of music to children and young people.
  • Receiving private tuition that will lead to improved skills in a particular genre or instrument which will result in improved professional delivery of music to children and young people.
  • Development, design and delivery of specialist training courses.
  • New and innovative approaches that improve engagement in high-quality music-making activities. Examples of this might be undertaking study visits to research delivery methodology currently not widespread in Scotland, or using new technology in creative ways.

There is £45,000 available in the budget for 2020.

Awards to Individuals will generally be within the range of £100 to £750, while the range for Organisations will normally fall between £500 and £5,000.

What are the Criteria for the Fund?
Your application must demonstrate how it meets the following minimum criteria:

  1. How the proposed training will develop professional practice and deliver any or all of the following outcomes: (a) the development of skills and confidence; (b) the development, strengthening and increased sustainability of the youth music sector; (c) the provision of increasingly high quality, efficient, innovative youth music services.
  2. Details of the staff you propose to train and also how you have considered all your appropriate staff’s training requirements (Organisations / networks only).
  3. Details of the methods, employees or third-party professionals to be employed in order to ensure quality if you are applying to design and deliver training (Organisations / networks only).

How Will Decisions Be Made?
On receipt of your application, Scottish Music Centre officers will check for eligibility before passing to an independent adviser for assessment. Advisers will be drawn from a pool of suitably qualified professionals working in Scotland’s youth music sector.

You can expect to be notified of your application’s outcome in writing no later than eight weeks from the date we receive the application. Please bear this timeframe in mind when planning the start dates of your project.

Who can apply?
Individuals who are

  1. already involved in the delivery of youth music projects OR
  2. seeking to take part in training to widen their career opportunities to include delivery of music projects OR
  3. aiming to further extend the range and scope of their skills-base within the delivery of youth music projects.

Organisations who wish to provide training and professional development that will increase their capacity to develop and deliver improved music-making opportunities to young people.

All applicants must be resident in Scotland and working for the benefit of young people in Scotland.

Who is Ineligible?
You are not eligible to apply for this fund if you are:

  • A Local Authority employee who delivers instrumental and vocal music services within formal education (eg. school-teachers, instrumental service instructors).
  • An academic attending or developing papers for conferences.
  • A private music tutor (unless involved in music tuition with larger groups of children and young people in addition to private practice).
  • A student in full-time education (16 hours or more per week) at the time of applying.


  • If you were awarded a grant from the 2018-19 round of YMI CPD funding.
  • Applications for prolonged full- and part-time study at centres of further or higher education.
  • Repeated training programmes that you have previously accessed through this fund – unless there is clear evidence of further significant development in the individual or the programme.
  • Any project which has already started, or which will have started before we give you a decision on your application.

How Do I Apply?
You can submit your application at any time during the year until the fund closes at 5pm on: Tuesday 30
th June 2020.

**Please note however the fund may be fully expended earlier than this date and therefore early submission of applications is recommended.

Apply by e-mail to the following address;

  1. Please put your name in the subject heading
  2. Attach your completed application form in Word document format: YMITrainingCPDApplicationForm2020
  3. Attach the additional required materials

No allowance can be made for electronic delays so it is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that their application is received on time. Notification of receipt of the application will be made by email within one week.

Your Budget
All costs must relate to the activity and your budget should be complete, accurate and balanced. The following are examples of Eligible Costs;

  • Course or Conference Fees
  • Travel
  • Accommodation
  • Subsistence (out-of-pocket expenses for meals)
  • Childcare costs – (individuals only, and only when necessary due to undertaking the proposed activity)
  • Loss of earnings (freelance music tutors)
  • NB Costs involved with buying or hiring equipment are ineligible

You will need at least 10% partnership funding, which can be cash or in-kind.

***Partnership funding cannot be drawn from Local Authorities’ Youth Music Initiative formula-funding budget or the Youth Music Initiative Access to Music Making and/or Strengthening Youth Music Funds, as this is considered double funding.

Organisations should note when planning activities that any award will be payable in two instalments: 90% in advance and the remaining 10% on satisfactory submission of an End of Project report and certified financial statement to Scottish Music Centre.

Additional required materials
As relevant to your application

  • A PDF or web link to the proposed training/conference/event.
  • CVs of those undertaking the training.
  • CVs of those delivering the training, if the application is to design/deliver training programmes (Organisations Only)
  • A copy of your Child Protection Policy (Organisations only.)
  • Equalities Monitoring Form.
  • Scottish Music Centre recommends Creating Safety to all practitioners working with young people.

For organisations, if the application has been successful, in order to release the last 10% of awarded funds, we require an End-of-Project Monitoring Form to be completed and returned within 2 months of the funded activity taking place. Please return this form to us and not Creative Scotland.

Should you require help and advice in completing your application, please email us at or phone the Scottish Music Centre on 0141 552 5222. The Centre is open 10am – 6pm, Monday to Friday.