Gaelic Woman: Ar Canan 'S Ar Ceol

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Media: CD
Genre: Folk & Traditional
Catalogue Number: CDTRAX172
Label: Greentrax Recordings Ltd
Released: 1999

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"You will find songs from our tradition here and sung in full traditional style, but there are also songs which belong to the urban Gael and the concert hall as well as new compositions which are aired for the first time. And of course, there are the rich, musical voices which carry this tradition and diversity, each with its own characteristic flavour. I need only say then, that thank God our tradition has survived into modern times because the world would indeed be poorer without the Gaelic musical experience. May you all enjoy it!" Chris Dillon, 1999.


  1. "O Teannaibh Is Togaibh Fonn" - "Draw Close and Let Us Sings a Song" (Catherine-Ann MacPhee)
  2. "Disathurine A Ghabh Mi Mulad" - "On Saturday I was Struck With Sadness" (Maggie MacInnes, Flora MacNeil & Cairistiona MacInnes)
  3. "Soraidh Leis An Ait" - "Farewell to the Place" (Ishbel MacAskil)
  4. "Gura Tu Mo Bhean Chomuinn" - "My Companion" (Karen Matheson)
  5. "Puirt a Beul" - "Mouth Music" (Kenna Campbell, Mary Ann Kennedy & Wilma Kennedy)
  6. "Is Gaidhel Mi" - "This Felling Inside" (Mairi Mac Innes with The Glasgow Gaelic Choir)
  7. "Gur Daor, Gur Daor a Cheannaich Mi" -"Dearly, Dearly Have I Bought" (Anna Murray)
  8. "Na Rosen" - "The Roses" (Anne Lorne Gillies)
  9. "An t-Slige Chreachain" - "The Scallop Shell" (Margaret Stewart)
  10. "Aodann Strathbhain" - "Braes of Strath Blane" (Mairi Morrison)
  11. "Tha Caileag A'st-Earrach" - "Young Lass in Spring" (Mary Smith)
  12. "Calum Sgaire" - "Calum's Boat" (Mairi Mac Innes)
  13. Roghainn - Waulking Songs & Rowing Song (MacKenzie)
  14. "Canan Nan Gaidheal" - "Language of the Gael" (Gaelic Woman)

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