We’ve created a new webpage dedicated to helping musicians across the sector in Scotland access resources that might be needed during this challenging time. 

There are pages where you can access up to date general advice on Covid-19 from government and from the NHS. There is also information specifically for musicians from key organisations UK-wide, from funding bodies and institutions who may be able to help those experiencing financial difficulty. 

We know that this is an unprecedented and unexpected situation, and acknowledge the importance of being mindful of our wellbeing and looking after our mental health during this time. There are resources provided by professional bodies on taking care of yourself at home as well as links for contacts of those able to help if you find yourself struggling to cope. 

Many freelancers and self-employed workers have already been dramatically impacted by Covid-19, and there are links to resources which might help as you adapt your working practices to these new circumstances. 

And finally, we are keen to encourage as many people as possible to continue to support Scotland’s incredible wealth of talent in our musical community.  There’s lots you can still do – even though you can’t see your favourite artists live, you can support them by joining in with live-streams or recordings of concerts, interviews and podcasts available online. 

You can lend a helping hand by filling in surveys about the impact of Covid-19, or by signing petitions. If you can, please consider donating to any or all of the very worthy causes which have been set up to help musicians and organisations survive. 

In this rapidly changing situation, this page will continually be updated. The list of resources is not exhaustive, but we’d like to cover as much as we possibly can so if you have any suggestions for us please get in touch! 

We’re working from home, but we can be reached at info@scottishmusiccentre.com.

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