Our catalogue contains details of over 40,000 items, most of which are available for consultation. In many cases we can provide copies for sale or hire. You may search the catalogue here.

general search will return a list of matching items in the collection (sound recordings, music scores, sets of parts, books and so on) which are not associated with (classical) music ‘works’. This is the best search to use if you are looking for particular tunes, songs, albums, books, articles, pamphlets and so on.

classical search will return a list of matching works (usually identified by composer, title and date), with which one or more collection items may be associated. We have agreements with many composers that allow us to make copies of their unpublished music and supply to third parties.

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Indicates sheet music or book or article which has been digitised. Sample image may be available for viewing online.

Indicates a recording which has been digitised. Soundclip may be available for listening online.

In some cases a collection item may be purchased from our online shop. If so, an appropriate link is provided. If not, we still may be able to help you and you are invited to contact us for more information. Material in our online shop represents only a very small proportion of the material which we can sell or hire, so please click on the to request more information.

Items in our hire library are usually available for hire through us. Again please click on the to request more information.

If you are having difficulty finding an item you are looking for, please drop us a line. It is possible we have it, but have identified it under a name or title which is not familiar to you, or is an item still waiting to be catalogued.