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Iain Matheson Kaleidoscope (2006) 13'
2222 2200 Str

All Contributors: Iain Matheson (composer)
First performed on: 9 Dec 2006
First performed by: New Edinburgh Orchestra / Tim Paxton
First performed at: Edinburgh
Notes: Written for Tim Paxton and the New Edinburgh Orchestra.

Programme Note:


When I was wee I had a kaleidoscope.

Its shifty shapes amazed me,

evoking strange and fabulous things.

I didn't know how it worked - magic, surely.

At school years later in a science class

we took a kaleidoscope apart.

Slim mirrors, crumbs of glass - nothing more.

Fascinating and appalling;

how could this reductionist jumble

add up to such magic?

Las year I bought another kaleidoscope.

All the old thrill came back as I peered into its one eye;

no less magical now that I know how the trick is done.

In the same way that my kaleidoscope makes pattersn,

this music creates patterns from fragments:

in fact just one fragment -

a single chord-shape heard from the different perspectives

of Brass, Woodwind, Strings.

One small piece of sound

manipulated in musical mirrors,

Repetition, Canon, Inversion;

celebrating the tricks time plays.