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singsilver 2 – ten simple diatonic songs
Sally Beamish; Tom Cunningham; Stephen Deazley; John Maxwell Geddes; John Hearne; Ken Johnston; David Paul Jones; Alasdair Nicolson; Sheena Phillips; Oliver Searle / NYCoS 2009
vocal score / ref collection S107

Tracklist: 1 My Cat Dreams (Beamish); 2 Bogle Boogie (Cunningham); 3 The Circus (Deazley); 4 Witch’s Song (Geddes); 5 Laying down the laws of Motion (Hearne); 6 Portrait of a House (Johnston); 7 Dreaming (Jones); 8 Before I Went to Bed (Nicolson); 9 I Once went a courting (Phillips); 10 On a Summer Night (Searle)
Notes: “Following the success of our 2006 tenth anniversary commissions, the National Youth Choir of Scotland has commissioned yet more songs for young people to sing that reflect a structured progressive musicianship programme. Having learnt basic concepts, ideally young singers can then use what they know to read these songs themselves, identifying what is on the page using the knowledge they have…” All songs catalogued separately.