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singbronze 2 – a further ten pentatonic songs
Sally Beamish; Tom Cunningham; Stephen Deazley; John Maxwell Geddes; John Hearne; Ken Johnston; David Paul Jones; Alasdair Nicolson; Sheena Phillips; Oliver Searle / NYCoS 2009
vocal score / ref collection S106

Tracklist: 1 Bully Cat (Beamish); 2 Nearly There (Cunningham); 3 Sing Me a Song of a Lad (Deazley); 4 Water Music (Geddes); 5 This Aul Witch (Hearne); 6 The Wind that Shakes the Barley (Johnston); 7 A Lonely Ghost Boy (Jones); 8 Why Not Stop? (Nicolson); 9 Frog Music (Phillips); 10 Beneath the Bracken (Searle)
Notes: “Following the success of our 2006 tenth anniversary commissions, the National Youth Choir of Scotland has commissioned yet more songs for young people to sing that reflect a structured progressive musicianship programme…” All songs catalogued separately.